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Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.

Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.is located in the SouthernRailway Industrial Park Goubangzi Provincial Development Zone in Jinzhou

city of Liaoning Province, Beijing Harbin, ditch the sea railway and 102, 305 National Road Interchange, adjacent to Beijing Shenyang Expressway,

Jinghagaosu railway,geography and transportation advantages. The

company covers an area of 300 mu, building area of 80 thousand square

meters, fixed assets of more than 500 million yuan, under the technical

R & D center, the construction of the project,the subsidiary of the company,

the 6 branch and the relevant functional departments of the management of

the 2. The company currently employs more than 1000 people, including 62

experts at home and abroad submerged arc furnace, senior technical and

management staff of 207 people, strong technical strength.


Jinzhou Tiansheng heavy industry is Chinese large industrial furnace

industry base of leading enterprises, is the metallurgical electrical and

mechanical equipment design, manufacturing, installation and

commissioning of specialized enterprises, is to provide a comprehensive

service for many fields of metallurgy, chemical, building materials and other

enterprises, is a large industrial furnace EPC general contracting

professional enterprises, has two qualifications the total construction

contract is the owner of smelting project, the construction ability of the

enterprise in the industry. It is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture,

installation and technical service of metallurgical machinery and

equipment, such as calcium carbide furnace and ferroalloy electric furnace.

"Fifteen" period, the Jinzhou municipal government as a key development

planning enterprises.


Jinzhou Tiansheng heavy industries has been built based on industrial

furnace manufacturing industry, with engineering design, equipment

manufacturing, environmental protection, electric power, furnace

equipment, engineering installation, civil construction and other aspects of

the industry cluster. The main products are: series of smelting furnace,

12.5MVA to 63MVA series submerged arc smelting furnace, calcium

carbide furnace, including large guimeng electric furnace, furnace,

ferrosilicon furnace, Ni Tun Industrial silicon furnace, electric furnace, aluminum silicon titanium slag furnace,refining furnace and melting furnace,

vertical gas burning lime kiln, kiln series rotary kiln, series, environmental

protection equipment etc.. Products have been exported to Shanxi,

Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Sichuan and Yunnan and other places,

and exported to Kazakhstan, Iran and other countries, has been

recognized by domestic and foreign users.

The company passed the IS09001:2000 quality system certification and

GB/T28001-2001 occupation health and safety management system

certification and CCC compulsory certification of electrical, and obtained

the right to import and export, technology center is a national high-tech

enterprises and provincial enterprises, with a number of core patented

technology, for many years by the Liaoning province and Jinzhou City,

named the outstanding industrial enterprise. Build electric carrier, striving

for world-class "is the company's development goals," scientific and

technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence, forge the brand,

cooperation and win-win "is the business philosophy of Tiansheng heavy


Skywin people with superb technology, first-class products and perfect

service with you hand in hand, create brilliant!


Quality is the life Reputation is

the foundation of a brand.


Specializing in surgery, skilled in

diligence,Shape the perfect team.


Innovative technology

interpretation, perfect quality.


Improve corporate management

concept and build electric furnace aircraft carrier.


Infiltrate superb technology and perfect service into your entire project,Provide a strong guarantee for your project.


"Survival by quality, development by credibility", stepping into the 21st century,

facing the increasingly fierce market competition, Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy

Industry Co., Ltd. adheres to the eternal belief of "service, dedication, innovation,

and progress". Certain achievements have been made in production management,

market development, after-sales service, etc., so that the production technology

has reached the industry's high level, the company's business has developed

steadily, the company's efficiency has been gradually improved, and the production

scale has continued to grow.


Professional production technology, strict production management, and perfect

after-sales service will make our products reliable in quality and stable in

performance, so that our customers have no worries.


In the new year, we are guided by the entrepreneurial spirit of "pioneering and

innovating, forging ahead with determination", and composing the development of

China's vacuum furnace industry in the new century with our advantages in

technology, talents, management, quality, service, and networks. New chapter.


The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the strong support of friends

from all walks of life. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the new

and old customers who have cared and supported the development of Jinzhou

Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. for a long time!